Experience an extensive menu of both modern and timeless treatments:

Cosmetic Injectables

Does your skin need a fresh look/feel? LUXE Medispa have treatments targeted at wrinkle reduction, prevention and volume loss for people wanting to maintain, improve or restore the look of their skin.

LUXE Medispa’s trained doctors and nurses will assess your individual skin needs and discuss options that would best suit you to develop a custom treatment plan in order to achieve the results you desire.

Before any cosmetic injectables are administered, you will meet with our doctor who will answer any questions you may have.

Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal

Using the Biotech Italia XLASE PLUS LUXE Medispa will offer a full range of laser hair removal services for both men and women seeking permanent and visible hair reduction results.

The XLASE PLUS is a medical grade diode laser that can treat all skin types. Considered the ‘gold-standard’ of permanent hair removal, the XLASE PLUS removes unwanted hair in fewer sessions than conventional lasers, with minimal to no discomfort. LUXE Medispa’s dermal therapists are trained to provide you with a highly professional and comfortable experience and will discuss with you all pre and post treatment instructions.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapies are an effective, painless and safe cosmetic procedure. Using the Clairderm PhotonSMART Advanced LED machine, LUXE Medispa can achieve optimal results in a non-invasive way that requires no downtime.

Manufactured in Australia, the PhotonSMART Advanced LED machine produces powerful polychromatic (more than one colour) programs which are used to successfully result in the desired outcome. The PhotonSMART can improve the appearance or texture of sun damaged skin, pigmented age spots, acne, inflammation and redness, improve skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen and elastin stimulation and improve the look and feel of scars.

Medical Grade Microdermabrasion

Using the state of the art DermaSweep – LUXE Medispa will offer a full range of skin rejuvenation services targeted at extracting the first layer of (dead) skin cells in order to infuse a customisable cocktail of vitamins and minerals. Like conventional microdermabrasion machines, the DermaSweep removes the first layer of dead skin from the surface, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. However, at LUXE Medispa, we offer you the DermaSweep difference, that being the bristle brush technology which does not tear the skin.

The DermaSweep is an innovative machine which encompasses many customisable elements to preform procedures especially for your skin type and needs. Unlike conventional microdermabrasion machines, the DermaSweep enables clients to choose their skin concerns and have medical grade infusions applied to their skin as part of the treatment. Ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides are some of the ingredients included in the infusions available.

Some of our premium infusions that will be offered in-clinic include:

Skin Lightening: Brighten and decrease brown spots and pigment.
Vitamin C: Brighten and moisturize dull, aging skin. Our Vitamin C infusion contains the potent antioxidant for brightening, moisturizing as well as subtle firming.
• NuCell: Rescue, rejuvenate, and revitalize dull, aging skin.
Repair: Rebuild, repair and protect photo-aged or prematurely aging, lax skin.
Rescue + Repair: Rescue, repair and restore lackluster, lax, photodamaged skin.
Red Carpet Ready: Ready, set, glow! Transform skin from dull, dry and dehydrated skin to tighter looking,
hydrated, plumper, smoother, radiant skin in an instant!

Unlike a conventional microdermabrasion session, the DermaSweep treats the face, neck and décolletage resulting in a treatment that can take anywhere between 45-60 minutes.

Plasma Pen Treatments

New to Australia, LUXE Medispa will offer the unique technology of the Jett Plasma Medical that is suitable for most skin types, and can delivery non-surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), wrinkle removal, stop small capillary bleeding, remove small warts, reduce symptoms of couperosis, red veins, acne, pigment spots, smooth scars and much more.

The Jett Plasma Medical device treats areas effectively using a sequence of spark discharges. It enables the skin to produce a significant amount of collagen creating a lifting and tightening effect that we all want and love.

The sparks discharged generate heat that warms the skin slightly. The Jett Plasma Medical device does not damage any skin surrounding the treatment area. LUXE Medispa Jett Plasma treatments are fast healing and leave no scarring or hyper-pigmentation. Treatments on average, last approximately 30 minutes.

The Jett Plasma is different to other plasma pens as it can only be used by trained medical professionals such as doctors and nurses.

The Jett Plasma Medical device is not recommended for individuals with the following:

• Pacemaker, Heart monitor
• Another implanted electrical device
• Epilepsy
• Pregnancy
• Metal implants close to the treatment area


We offer & encrourage all services for both Females & Males

Skin Needling

Using the advanced technology of the MDerma skin needling service stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin by generating micro lesions that can help improve colour, texture and consistency of the skin.

Visible and lasting results include

• Tighten, rejuvenate and lift skin
• Reduce acne, keloid and surgical scars
• Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
• Reduce stretch marks and decrease pore size

Using sterile, individual and disposable needle cartridges to ensure client safety and satisfaction, at LUXE Medispa, we will use the MDerma to create an environment that enables our skin to increase the absorption of active ingredients we find in our skin care and stimulates repair of the skin at a cellular level.

Customisable needle depths allow treatments to be individually tailored to your skins needs and the advancements of the MDerma, in comparison to conventional skin needling devices allow for its use on sensitive areas such as the upper and lower eyes, lips and nose.

In Clinic Teeth Whitening

LUXE Medispa is partnering with PureSmile Australia to bring you in-clinic teeth whitening. LUXE Medispa will use maximum cosmetic strength Peroxide (6%) to transform and whiten your teeth in a 60-minute session. This treatment will have amazing results even for those who consider themselves to be excessive coffee drinkers and smokers.

DMK Skin Treatments

Danné Montague-King (DMK) is a world leader in rebuilding our skin with products designed to work with the body’s chemistry, rather than against it. At LUXE Medispa we chose DMK because of their revolutionary concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN which aims to match an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. There is no similar product to DMK’s signature facial treatment and that’s why you will be able to find this treatment at LUXE Medispa.

DMK is the only company in the world to use the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzyme therapy. Enzymes are living organisms that regulate our health and wellbeing and they work with the minerals in our body. While conventional facials work on the surface of the skin, DMK’s signature facial works ‘with’ the skin. The enzymes used strengthen the integrity of the skin by exercising

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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